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OPP Tape Clear Transparent Tape

OPP Tape Clear Transparent Tape

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OPP Tape Clear Transparent Tape

Transparent OPP tape used mainly in home or office for mending, gift wrapping and sealing of light weight boxes.

Lightweight properties enable stable and well applied on regular applications.
Good cutting effect and excellent operation with general purpose packaging machines.
Excellent and permanent bonding effect with one-touch sticky when applied on substrates.

Ideal operation with hand dispensers and automatic sealing equipments.
Non-toxic, harmless to health as well as pollution free to the environment.
Excellent resistant to ultra-violet light (UV), cold, heat, water and other weather conditions.

Widely for stationery usage, paper mending, craft making, envelope sealing and label covering.
Commonly used for heavy-duty carton sealing, industrial packaging as well as product bundling.