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Brother PT-E110VP Labeling Machine

Brother PT-E110VP Labeling Machine

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Brother PT-E110VP Labeling Machine


Create labels in various colour combinations and widths that have been tested in extreme conditions to make sure they stick around for a long time. With dedicated functions and smart keys to make common labelling tasks quick and easy, and everything supplied in a hard carry case. The PT-E110VP is an invaluable tool for electricians and other professional trades.

Key Features

-Create durable labels up to 12mm in width

-Dedicated functions for common labelling tasks

-200 symbols including electrician, audio visual and Network Infrastructure

-Built-in cutter for accurate labelling

-Includes AC adapter, full length 8m flexi id black on white tape cassette and handy carry case

Dedicated number keypad

Many labels consist of identifiers with a combination of letters and numbers. The dedicated numeric keypad allows quick entry of numbers with one finger.