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Apollo General Purpose Masking Tape M500

Apollo General Purpose Masking Tape M500

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General Purpose Masking Tape for light packaging, bundling, holding and non-critical masking.

Key Features:

  • Good tackiness and adhesion to multi-surface (painted wall, dry wall, wood, glass and metal surfaces).
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Industrial grade general purpose masking tape with medium adhesion for packaging , bundling and holding and non-critical masking.
  • Ideal for wood lamination and furniture industry.
  • Available size: 18mm / 24mm / 36mm/ 48mm x 12yards


Brand : Apollo, CIC
Backing : Crepe Paper
Adhesive : Solvent Rubber
Colour : Natural
Size : 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm x 12yards
Adhesion to Steel : 2.75 N/cm (25 oz/in)
Tensile Strength : 29.4 N/cm (17 lbs/in)
Elongation at Break : 8%
Total Thickness : 0.135 mm ± 0.015 mm
Working Temperature : 15°C to 80°C (59°F to 176°F)