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Electronic Check Writer Multi Currency

Electronic Check Writer Multi Currency

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Multi Currency Electronic Check Writer

Create, print, and process checks in multiple currencies, making transactions effortless and efficient.

The Check Writer Features:

  • Effortless Multi Currency Checks: create and print checks in multiple currencies, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Multi Currency Support: Generate checks in various currencies, adapting to your diverse business needs.
  • 14 Digits, Manual Paper Clamp, Multi Currency Option (RM, SGD, USD, EURO, NTP, YEN, HKD, RMB, UK, POUND, PHP, RS, A$, THAI)
    NZD, KS, ZAR.
  • The Sign Of RM, DAN, SEN And Comma Can Be Printed Respectively
  • Printing Format : RM12,345,678DAN90SEN