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Double A A5 Copier Paper Premium 80gsm (500 Sheets)

Double A A5 Copier Paper Premium 80gsm (500 Sheets)

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Double A A5 Copier Paper Premium 80gsm (500 Sheets)

A5 (148 x 210mm) 500 sheets

Suitable for photocopies, printing with inkjet and laser printers and offset preprints.

High quality paper which enhances value for everyday work, everyday copying and printing.

  • Good Runnability: Our precision rotary paper cutting machines significantly reduce paper jams in copiers, a quality proven in a tough ‘No Jam’.
  • Printing Sharpness: Double A’s smooth surface allows for good toner transfer, making copies as sharp as the original.
  • Excellent Smoothness: Double A’s smooth surface gives it a high quality touch and makes for effortless copying, especially in high-speed machines.
  • Bright Appearance: Double A’s 148-151 CIE whiteness provides high print contrast and resistance to fading.
  • Enhanced Copier Performance: The sharp blades on our advanced sheet cutting machines result in a lower dust content when printing or copying, prolonging the life of office equipment.
  • Two-Sided Use: The high opacity and excellent formation resulting from Double A’s high quality fiber allows double-sided use.
  • Longer Storage Period for Documents: Acid free paper has longer shelf life, making it perfect for storing documents.