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APS Office Safe S1

APS Office Safe S1

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APS Office Safe S1 with Key Lock and Keyless Combination Lock

The APS office safe series are ideal for retail outlets, offices, factories and other institution that hold large amount of cash and valuables, which requires high degree of protections. Its formidable barrier materials and superior product quality provide excellent protection against re, and attacks using oxyacetylene torch, high speed drilling and hand tools.

Designed to provide overall thickness of measuring 64mm. By using high density proofing material encased in steel to resist oxyacetylene and conventional tool attacks.

There are three boltworks placed on the front, top and bottom. A special design of resistance features to resist punch attacks on the moving bolts.


Armored door with lock case embedded in the door structure and reinforced with solid heavy duty hinges to prevent
drilling, oxyacetylene and mechanical tools attacks. The door slab is 75mm in thickness.

Standard locking system with three wheel combination lock, which is capable of providing 1,000,000 combinations and seven lever keylocks.

Deadlocks device system is incorporated to jam on the boltwork mechanism if forcible
attacks are made on the door and locks.